The Music Council Blog

The Music Council Blog

Burnaby North Secondary Music is not only a tradition but also a future. Here’s to our past, present, and future.

2017 marks the 95-year anniversary of Burnaby North. Without teachers and parents, the school’s outstanding commitment to music and its excellence would not have been possible. What truly makes Burnaby North Secondary Music great, however, is the dedication of our students.

The Music Council is just that. The dedication of students.

The Music Council consists of passionate students who care about the well-being of the Burnaby North Secondary Music Program. They organize concerts and fundraisers, seeking to serve their peers the best music experience. The Council also takes care of the program’s publicity and manages this website.know.

The Music Council Blog

Welcome to the Music Council Blog! Here you will find student-generated content from the executives of the Music Council. Check every week to read new content. If you have suggestions for what we should write, find us on Facebook or email us at Also, if you want to write with us, please let us know.

For now, here are the blog features that the Music Council team is considering. Feel free to click on each category to explore.

  • “The F Sharp”

    Being in the Burnaby North Music Program for the entire duration of secondary school makes me itch with things I want to share. My best memories. My best tips to fellow Viking musicians. The best of my mistakes and failures that have brought me where I am now in music. My name is David Joun, your Music Council Co-President of 2017, and I want to share with you “The F Sharp”.

  • Alumni Feature Interviews

    Read interviews with Burnaby North Music alumni talking about their journeys through music at North and their lives beyond graduation.

  • Composer Features

    Hallucinations turn into symphonies. Crowd riots because of ballet music. Cannons become percussion instruments. Aren’t composers interesting or what? Read all about the fascinating lives of composers and more!

  • Our Top10 Rankings

    What are our ten most beloved symphonies? What are some of the craziest things ever used as musical instruments? Who are the most hated composers? We rank the wildest, the funniest, and the best things about music and tell you all about them.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your visit. We appreciate your feedback. Also, find us on Twitter and on Facebook!