Our Fundraisers

Our Fundraisers

At Burnaby North Secondary Music, we recognize the challenges that might keep students from participating in the full BNS Music experience. So, we are here to help.

With all the trips that Burnaby North Secondary Music has every year, there are some costs regrettably associated with the music program. Although band trips are undeniably fun and profitable for music learning, we understand that the financial burden may deter many students from participating in these experiences.

This is why we are here. We want to do everything to enrich your musical experience at North, and finances are a part of it.

Every year, the Music Council runs fundraisers available to all music program students. The Music Council’s goal is to hold at least two fundraisers each year and give students opportunities to raise money to offset the cost and the financial strain associated with band trips.

Music Council Fundraisers: How They Work

Did you know that each student in the BNS music department automatically has a personal band fund account?

When a student participates in fundraisers, the profit they make is stored in their personal band fund account. The great thing about this account is that it follows the student around regardless of the classes that he or she takes. This also means that students can start raising money in grade eight in preparation for the big trip in grade twelve!

The money stored in these accounts can be used on any trip, anytime before graduation. Parents and students can ask for balance updates anytime they want. Our Treasurer will be more than happy to assist. On that note, please make sure that students take advantage of the money that they raised before graduation! All funds left behind post-graduation will go towards funding the Music Council.

You can trust us. In conjunction with our teachers and the school admins, the Music Council make sure this process is carried out in all transparency.

Music Council: The Fundraisers We Offer

Each school year, the Music Council tries to hold a minimum of two fundraisers. Here are some of the fundraisers that we have in store for you!

The World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Usually the first fundraiser of the year, the World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser basically allows students to order chocolates that they can sell for profit. This fundraiser has a 50% profit margin for students. This means that the amount equal to 50% of the cost of chocolates sold goes into the student’s personal band fund account.

The T&T – Safeway Gift Card Fundraiser

The Gift Card Fundraiser is usually the second fundraiser of the year. Students and families can purchase T&T and Safeway gift cards at their usual costs from the Music Council. About 4% of the amount spent on these gift cards go back into the student’s band fund account. You can use these gift cards yourself or give them to others to use, just like the regular gift cards. For example, if a student purchases $1000-worth of gift cards, $40 would be added to his personal band fund account.

The Pies & Cookies Fundraiser

There is also the Pies & Cookies Fundraiser that we support. Students and families can pre-order frozen pies and cookie doughs, pick them up from us, and get the profit back into the students’ personal band fund account.

Read more about these fundraisers and get updates by clicking on the Fundraisers tab that drops down from the menu under “Our Fundraisers”.