Our Music Program

Our Music Program

The Burnaby North Secondary Music Program features a great diversity of classes available for all students.

It can be the Marching Band performing in Calgary at the Annual Calgary Stampede Parade. It can be the String Orchestra at the Vancouver Island Music Festival. Or it can be the Senior Concert Band in Cuba holding a surprise concert alongside a local band. As part of the Burnaby North Music Program, it can be YOU.

Burnaby North’s Music Program is full of opportunities for students to learn, experience, and enjoy. Through our ten classes that run each year from September to June, students can earn performing arts course credit towards high school graduation.

For many years, the Burnaby North Music experience has been one of the best in Western Canada, thanks to our amazing students, teachers, and parents. Our students learn teamwork, instrumental skills, music theory, and expressive musicianship by participating in our classes. Most of our classes offer band trips as an enrichment to the in-class experience so that students bond while experiencing what it is like to perform out-of-town and excel outside of school. We are proud of the strong musical tradition at BNSS, and we want you to join us in your secondary school journey to enhance your life through music.

Here are the ten classes that are offered by the Burnaby North Secondary Music Program.

The Ten Music Classes that We Offer

Marching Band String Orchestra Choir
Concert Band:
Jazz Band:


To find out which classes fit your needs, feel free to explore each of the classes by clicking on them. We guarantee that we have classes that fit your needs Рyour instrumentation, your grade level, your time schedule, and your taste of music!

Passion. Music. Teamwork.
The Burnaby North Music Experience

We at the Burnaby North Music Program encourage all our very talented students to participate in multiple classes! If you want to talk more and learn about what is the best for you or your student child, please do not hesitate to contact our music instructors or to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!